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Youth Cricket Club

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Rules & Regulations



1. The captain is responsible for the discipline of his team.

2. The captain shall at all times act in a manner so as to command the respect of his players.

3. The captain has the authority to send any player off the field if that player is disrespectful.

4. The captain shall settle the order in which players are to bat, bowl, and field.

5. All fees must be paid in full before the first game of the season.

6. No indecent language will be tolerated during a game, on or off the field.

7. No player should dispute an umpires decision by word, action, or gesture.

8. No fighting between players will be tolerated. Fines of Rs. 50 will be imposed!

9. No abusive language should be directed towards an opponent, team mate, or umpire.

10. No use of drugs/smoking will be tolerated during the duration of a club game. If such an act is observed, a Rs. 200 fine will be imposed!

11. Voluntary resignation shall be submitted to the secretary at least 15 days prior to an effective date in order to allow adequate time to find replacements.

12. All team players must come dressed in uniforms that are clean and neat at all times.

Any member or player that violates any of these by-laws shall be disciplined by the disciplinary committee!


Nadeem Qadri
Independent Youth Sports Council,
Youth Pariament of J&K
M.: +91-9419971524

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